Kraken migration - wrong balance after migration


I did the Kraken migration to the new APIs as prompted in my wallet.
The new wallet finished updating about 10 min ago and it doesn’t have the correct balance, whereas the deprecated wallet is still correct.

For instance, the new wallet post-migration doesn’t have my $GRT balance.


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I have the same problem. Some of my coins came in with the correct ticker symbol (e.g. KNC) but are being tracked as some other coin (e.g. KingN Coin) with a wildly different value. My whole dashboard and performance tracker is incorrect now.

I have the same problem on Kraken. I accepted the migration and now the Dollar value showing in the portfolio is incorrect. Also, the portfolio is Displaying two DOT currencies each with it’s own symbol. One is the Kraken DOT symbol and the other DOT symbol is the original symbal that looks like a P. I’ve submitted a help request for a fix but I wonder if it will ever be addressed.

I have this same problem with DOT. Also with ATOM.

It’s been fixed for me, the two accounts have the correct balance now. I deleted the deprecated one.