Kucoin API Not Updating

Another issue… the Kucoin API will not update no matter what I try.
Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 1.26.31 PM
I’ve created a new API on Kucoin and updated it in Cointracker, Still nothing.

This is frustrating. Please shed some light and or fix it.

I’ve hit sync wallet multiple times for the whole portfolio and just this exchange.

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I noticed this today as well. Mine also says ‘Updated 6 days ago’ though I synced every wallet yesterday.

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Mine works well - I’ve set it up a while ago but still keeps working.

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@manub Have you made recent transactions in Kucoin in the last few days and they are showing up?

Weird I wonder why its not syncing for @sforman52 and I?

@Chandan @thomas

Worth noting that I recently updated the api to the new version, a couple weeks ago.

Hmm, I was unaware there was a new version. I simply created a new API code yesterday with no luck. I would assume that would have created a new API with the new version. Where do you find that?

I haven’t made transactions - however it still syncs every day and it doesn’t show fail (as it does for ADA)

I got a notice that I had the v1 api and had to create a new one with v2. I created a new one and set it up. It was synching after that but hasn’t in 6 days.

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I am having the same issue, current KuCoin transactions are not showing up. I have created a new API key a few times to try to fix it, but it’ still not working.

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I am having the similar issue. I am unable to sync my transactions from Kucoin. I successfully linked the Wallet to Cointracker but it seems that was the easy part and the only thing that works…
My transactions are all less than 3 months old as well so it should be working based on this thread right?? It keeps saying ‘‘updating’’ when I hit ‘‘sync wallet’’ then nothing happens. When I log out and return to Cointracker, it says that my Kucoin account was ‘‘never updated’’ Honestly, both Kucoin and Cointracker need to do better. I even reached out to Cointracker twitter and no help yet.