KuCoin import - Safe Haven (SHA)

Hi CoinTracker Support,

I have a KuCoin Exchange Wallet that is syncing with an API. One coin, Safe Haven (SHA), is not importing as Safe Haven but instead is importing as SHACoin (SHA). From what I can see, KuCoin does not trade SHACoin, only trades Safe Haven coin. These coins have the same symbol (SHA), and I believe this is causing the error. Could you take a look? Would like to fix this bug and see this coin reflected in my portfolio.


Hi @archhern,

Thanks for flagging. We’ll work on updating this and let you know once we have a fix in place.

Any update? Safe Haven (SHA) is still showing as SHACoin within Cointracker. This import is was done using the KuCoin API method.

Not yet; we’re working on a larger update to solve data quality on several crypto assets at once. We’ll let you know once this is resolved.

Thanks for the update!

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