Kucoin: imported wallet does not recognise purchase history

I have imported withdrawal transactions and trade history for Kucoin.

But there is small issue as you can see in the picture below:
I did a transaction from Kraken ETH wallet to Kucoin ETH wallet: OK
Then it does not connect the Kucoin ETH wallet to the DBC/ETH transaction.
How to sort this out in the import?

Hi @JN,

It looks like the imported transactions were imported to a new separate wallet instead of to the synced KuCoin wallet. To solve, delete the KuCoin import and follow the How to import KuCoin into your CoinTracker account.

I have deleted them but I have been unable to import the trade history from Kucoin.
I don’t understand why the import does not work even with the interactive one…

Hi @JN,

Could you try following these exact steps including re-formatting the CSV to the generic format? If that doesn’t work or you run into problems please let us know and we’ll be happy to take a look.

I’m having all sort of problems when uploading the missing trade history.

I have followed the exact steps.
I even tried to type manually the trade and it does not want to import.
Not sure what to do or what is the problem to be honest.

Looks like you are trying to import an xlsx file instead of a csv file

I have tried to upload your template “cointracker_csv_import_v4”.
And I did not change anything in the file and still I cannot upload it with always the same error
“Failed to parse CSV.”

I don’t know what to do.

Hi @JN,

To confirm, are you using template (unopened, unedited)? It should upload seamlessly on the CSV upload page.

Yes. I confirm.
Unopened and unedited. Still the same error.
I don’t understand.

We’ll follow-up with you directly

I am having the exact same issues when attempting to upload my Kucoin trades. I keep getting the “Failed to Parse” error. I have tried uploading the files in CSV format, and I have also tried the interactive importer. All have failed.

Hi @Scottybfield,

Just to confirm, did you follow these exact steps? If so, could you please send us the CSV that is failing?

Hi @Scottybfield
The trade history .csv you downloaded from KuCoin is the one you should upload.
You should NOT use the template from CoinTracker or interactive importer. It is not meant for KuCoin.
For the withdrawals and deposits you have to do it manually.

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I am having the similar issue. I am unable to sync my transactions from Kucoin. I successfully linked the Wallet to Cointracker but it seems that was the easy part and the only thing that works…
My transactions are all less than 3 months old as well so it should be working based on this thread right?? It keeps saying ‘‘updating’’ when I hit ‘‘sync wallet’’ then nothing happens. When I log out and return to Cointracker, it says that my Kucoin account was ‘‘never updated’’ Honestly, both Kucoin and Cointracker need to do better. I even reached out to Cointracker twitter and no help yet.
We cannot pay hundreds of dollars to Cointracker and then still have to manually edit our spreadsheets 3 months at a time for thousands of transactions. That is not feasible…

I agree with you… I have given up to connect CoinTracker with KuCoin. I think sth is broken because I was able the API to Koinly and it was syncced within 5min. But with CoinTracker not working… I did all manually in the end.

hey JN so you are saying that all transactions synced with Koinly automatically and it keeps updating on it’s own? If so I need to look into Koinly… :slight_smile:

I cannot confirm. I don’t trade very often on KuCoin. But the import of transactions from API went smooth.