KuCoin Margin Account is completely ignored

It seems that there was a change in the past few months to the KuCoin API as it relates to the margin accounts and most 3rd party providers missed it because I cant find anyone who cqn import and display these transactions correctly. CoinTracker shows my asset balance correctly but does not show any of the relevant transactions. which is troubling as I’m pretty sure the interest payments are a loss deduction that I’m missing completely. But that also screws up the cost basis completely. So none of the returns from that exchange can be counted on which is a big problem.

This is not isolated to this site, Coinstats is having a similar issue but they fill-in with a dummy transaction which i find sooo irritating. filling my records with fake numbers they made up. My LCX terminal doesnt even acknowledge the balance without transactions to back it up. Quadency,

I dont mean to complain but this is a major problem that I am surprised no one else has asked about. Is nobody trading on margin ever? Well thats clearly not the case, so I can only assume people are plodding along basing their decisions on bad data. I’d love to know how best to address this as its not a small problem ir a simple solution. But KuCoin is ranked 6th among exchanges worldwide. so this is hardly a piddling little BS exchange and problem that should be shrugged off IMO.

Either that or I’m an idiot and ive got the api setup worng?? dont get me wrong, thats entirely likely, but every connection has a different key… and they all have the same problem.

I could really use some help

Hi @spurls,

Thanks for bringing this up. We don’t yet support KuCoin margin, but we’ll work on adding it. In the meantime, could you share a screenshot of what problem it is causing on your CoinTracker account to www.cointracker.io/contact-us?

Has there been any progress towards supporting Margin and Futures APIs at Kucoin?