KyberDAO, staking etc


Like many other KNC holders I’ve just staked a few on I’m now trying to record the transaction in CoinTracker.

The Trezor import has recorded it as a Send, which is perfectly okay. I’ve marked it as a transfer, into Other Transactions, since I still hold the KNC (albeit via a smart contract). Then I’d like to mark it as staked, because that seems to describe it fully and I might occasionally want to report on all the staked coins in my collection. But I don’t get the option.

Usual preamble - tell me if I’m being a moron. Otherwise, how should I be recording stakes? I’ve also staked some Flexa (FXC), but in that case the asset is removed from my wallet when I stake it.

I suspect the answer is related to your reply to Misc DeFi related bugs, in which case the next question is how are things progressing with the mighty job list that bug created for you?


Hi @robr,

Thanks for bringing this up. We hope to make this seamless for you in the future by adding full Kyber support. In the short term, you can do exactly what you suggested, mark the send as a transfer. Then when you get the staked coin back, the same thing, mark as transfer. If you also earn a staking reward, you can mark that separately as a staking reward.

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Hi @robr,

We’ve added support for KyberSwap — please let us know if you see any issues there. We’re continuing to work on DeFi integrations so please keep sharing your feedback where you’d like to see us most improve.