Ledger ETH wallet - cant be imported because of zero balance?

hi all -

I’m trying to add an ETH wallet from a Ledger device. This wallet has a single transaction where I sent a bit of ETH just to test the system out. I am following the instructions and from what I’m understanding, I just need to provide the wallet address from the to: address for that one transaction. When I check that transaction on etherscan I see the correct info, tons of validations, and the same :to address.

But when I add it to cointracker I get the error: The address can’t be added because it has zero transactions. Learn More.

Now sure what to do with this. There’s just the one transaction, so I’m a little stumped. Any help much appreciated!

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I am having the exact same issue. Trying to add an eth wallet with a balance and multiple transactions and I continue to get this error. Must be a bug as I have multiple other eths being imported with no problem.


Yea and I see others with the same issue and no support from cointracker.

Are there any other cold storage solutions that work with cointracker? I just got the ledger and can send it back, still. I just want something to work consistently and other than this I am really liking cointracker.


Same issue here, so bumping for visibility. EthScan shows two transfers into my ledger address and these are years old so they are clearly verified. But I get the same error “The address can’t be added because it has zero transactions”

@PaxALotl I don’t think this is a ledger issue. It must be an issue with how they load transactions from a public address. The public address literally has no relationship to the ledger. It might as well be a paper wallet address.

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I have the same issue importing transactions

Well, I can enter it as a public wallet address or a ledger wallet, but it’s kind of the same, isn’t it?

Anyways, when I put the same wallet address into a different tax tracking system that I’m also trying out, it works fine.

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I am having the same issues. I spent hours loading up all my wallets and exchanges, but only my ETH metamask wont load… says, “Failed to add wallet. Please check the values below” and sometimes says something about zero balance! I even moved some ETH around in and out of the wallet just to make sure it was working properly on the metamask side. I also checked and everything shows up fine on etherscan. I do have BSC and AVAX chains activated on the same metamask wallet address, and those load fine… its just ETH that doesn’t load. Have any of you resolved this issue?