Ledger Live wont show account option for Vechain

My Ledger Live wont show an account option for Vechain even though the Ledger S shows it? The app is down loaded & the sync was verified & signed. When I try to add a VET account it shows nothing for it. So when I go to send or receive VET there is no account to choose. How do I get it to recognize it to add the account

On the Leger S I can scroll right too it & chose it but nothing in the Live. It then tells me to quit app & open ETH.

Do you have the latest version of Ledger Live updated?

Yes I have the latest version. Vechain can be seen inhe Ledger as I scroll but account on the Live. There is n option for it on the Live in the add account drop down box to pick

Did you find a resolution from Ledger support?

No, I got one response from Ledger support & that was all. They didn’t respond after I clarified their question. I am still stuck. I have the Vechain on the Ledger S when scrolling through it but still no account to chose in Ledger Live to choose.