Ledger Wallet - BTT & JST not showing

Hello CoinTracker Community & Support, I added my Ledger TRX wallet but none of my Tron-20 coins (BTT & JST) were added to my portfolio. When I added my Ledger ETH wallet, my ETH-20 coins were added to my portfolio but this was not the case for my Tron-20 coins when I added my TRX wallet. Any clues on how to fix this issue and add my Tron-20 coins that are held under my Ledger TRX wallet? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Hi @archhern,

We’ll work on adding support for Tron tokens and let you know once they are available. In the meantime, as a short term solution, you can still add the Tron tokens manually or via CSV upload.

Thank you! I will upload via CSV file.

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