Liquid exchange

To calculate tax correctly only deposit and withdrawals from Liquid exchange is sufficient?

It shows while connecting API this message " * Automatically pulling your withdrawals and deposits is not yet supported for Liquid accounts. Instead, please add withdrawals and deposits [manually]".

By uploading deposits and withdrawals only sufficientto calculate capita gain tax?

Hi @pherose,

To correctly calculate taxes, CoinTracker needs to know your 100% complete transaction history: trades, deposits, withdrawals — everything.

For the Liquid API integration: they automatically make trade history available, but not deposits and withdrawals. Liquid deposits and withdrawals should be either manually added, or CSV-uploaded to your Liquid wallet, to supplement the API integration.

If you run into any issues, please let us know.

Hi @pherose,

For your privacy, we have deleted any personal information about your CoinTracker account. Did you manage to get your deposit and withdrawal history from Liquid?

Also, could you please try pressing the sync wallets button at the top of the wallets page?

Hi @pherose,

We will get in touch with you directly