Localbitcoin syncing

How can i link my localbitcoin account to cointracker. I cant get the csv file to download…i am going to need help for this

Hi @Joseph,

Unfortunately LocalBitcoins doesn’t have an API integration with CoinTracker yet but you can upload your unedited LocalBitcoins CSV exports to CoinTracker.

Thanks… I have the same need. I have followed your recommendation, and exported all of my transactions from localbitcoin, and successfully imported to cointracker wallet. However something is wrong as it shows a negative balance, which appears to be due to the transactions being reversed. i.e. rather than buying BTC with FIAT, the first and subsequent transactions are sell?

I have spent a lot of time reformatting the same data to the standard csv format, which also uploads, but the resulting balance should be zero but it is showing a positive balance circa 20GBP??