Locked out from traditional Binance Acct. How to obtain tax information?

I have an account on the regular Binance website. A few months back I was told I wouldn’t be allowed to use the regular Binance account and that I had to create a Binance US account. So I did that. At that time in 2020, I downloaded all my transactions from the regular Binance account so that I could do my taxes this year. However, when I try to upload the transaction form that I obtained from the regular Binance website, coin tracker tells me the information provided is not complete. And they tell me to obtain an API code and key. When I try to create this API code and key, the regular Binance site tells me I can’t any more because I should be using the Binance US site. So my question is, can I somehow obtain a complete list of all my transactions in 2020 from the regular Binance site? Hopefully using the API code and key. So that I can complete my taxes.

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I second this. Having the same problem.Trying to edit the CSV’s to Cointracker’s format from Binance is also nearly impossible


Also struggling with this. Editing the Binance CSV (not to mention you have to download multiple spreadsheets due to their 3 month limit) is really difficult, I’m about to try an import, keeping my fingers crossed. Edit … import file failed :frowning: And I was using the downloaded sample file!! Now what do I do? It would be really helpful to have a specific error rather than just “failed”.