Manual BTC purchase transaction not showing up/syncing with Coinbase BTC wallet amount


This was previously working like a week ago or so.

The issue is that I purchased BTC on Coinbase on July 29th 2022 using the Advanced Trade tab on Coinbase (that BTC amount is still sitting in my Coinbase account) and the Coinbase BTC purchase transaction is not showing up under the Transactions section of CoinTracker (there were multiple fill orders for that purchased BTC). So I instead manually added the Coinbase BTC transaction (i.e. I added each fill order that happened on that day). The issue with the manual Coinbase BTC transaction is that CoinTracker is not updating the Coinbase BTC wallet amount in the Wallets section, so the Coinbase BTC amount that CoinTracker thinks I have is incorrect and therefore the U.S. dollar amount in the Portfolio section is wrong.

I also purchased some BTC on Coinbase yesterday (November 9th 2022) using the Advanced Trade tab on Coinbase (also that BTC amount is still sitting in my Coinbase account) and it involved multiple fill orders. This Coinbase BTC purchase does show on CoinTracker in the Transactions tab, but I had to manually edit each fill order because the amount of BTC received in some of the fill orders were incorrect (i.e. it was showing a cost basis of around $35,000 per BTC for some the fill orders). This purchase is accurately reflected on the Coinbase BTC amount in the Wallets section.

TL;DR: Open sell orders on Coinbase would impact the crypto balance and portfolio value shown on CoinTracker.

Turns out this was also happening on Coinbase. I noticed that my total value of my assets on Coinbase was correct, but when I selected to view my balance for BTC on Coinbase, it was incorrect and showed the same balance as what CoinTracker was showing.

I had an open sell order for BTC on Coinbase when I was experiencing this issue. I canceled the order and tried syncing my wallets again on CoinTracker a few minutes later. When the sync was done, the correct BTC amount was now showing on CoinTracker as well with the portfolio value shown on CoinTracker.

Note: The sell order was through the “advanced” tab on Coinbase.