Manual deposit

could someone explain how to do a manual deposit to binance. The api doesn’t do this. I have put this off too long. I need to get this done before tax time.


We recently added deposit and withdrawal support for Binance US API. Are you not seeing this? If not, could you please share a screenshot with us?

My computer is lagging bad today.

Are the deposits and withdrawals from the time you added support? Or does it go back in time from beginning.

Should be back to the beginning. Let us know if you see anything missing.

I did a deposit on 815 2020 not showing up. Plus in January 2020 I moved my from binance to binance us. I think I did that manually. That’s goofed up also. I have screen shots but I’d rather not put them in here.

Feel free to send them to us privately so we can take a look.

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Chandan thank you for helping me. Dec 7 th I sent you my screen shots privately. Please let me know if you received them and what you think might be going on.

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Thanks! We’ll take a look and get back to you