Manual entry of transaction

When you enter a manual transaction, in the send section, do you enter the total amount before or after fee? For example:

Transferring / Sending 56 Rune Tokens to another wallet, but the exchange I am using is charging me 4 Rune as a fee. Do I include that fee amount in the Send Amount or subtract it?

  1. Send 56 Rune
    Fee 4 Rune
    Received in new wallet 52 Rune

or should it be:

  1. Send 52 Rune
    Fee 4 Rune
    Received 52 Rune in new wallet

More than 7%: Might take some time but it’ll drop.:+1:

BTC,ETH ATM’s charging 10% to sometimes 20%, and people were just like, “Wow, a Crypto ATM!” :joy: