Manual Transaction Entries to Record Losses

I had a small amount invested in the Torque trading bot until it went bust earlier this year and I need to enter a manual transaction to record the loss on my BTC and ETH deposits. However, I’m unsure how to do this. Could someone help with this please? Thanks

Hey Paul, thanks for your message.
Well done on a first post too :slight_smile:

Have you already got Torque set up as its own manual wallet in CT?
How have you already recorded that you sent/put money into torque?


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Hi Dee. Thanks for your reply and apologies for my slow response!

The transaction sending the money to Torque shows in the transaction history but it isn’t recorded as going to Torque. Also, I didn’t setup Torque as a manual wallet.

I sent some crypto from Torque to another wallet so I’m assuming I need to flag those as coming from Torque as well?

Thanks for your help with this :slight_smile: