Manual Transaction - Trans Fee not subtracting from balance

Hi, I am moving 1 ZEN from one wallet to another, so I am creating a manual transaction to account for that. The transaction fee is 0.00002260 ZEN. When I enter that into the fee spot, it appears as if that amount is not being deducted. So, I am sending 1.00002260 from one wallet, but only 1 ZEN arrives at the other wallet.

My balance is correct if I change the sent amount to 1.00002260 and the received amount as 1.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug.


Hi @Chet,

Please go ahead include the fee amount in the sent amount (sent amounts are gross of fees)

Hey @Chet, the info @Chandan shared is not entirely accurate. I’ve seen some fees successfully subtracted from the total, but other fees not. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason. So best to double check everything, and sucky as that is.

Hi @david060383,

You’re correct that we still need to make this all uniform (which we will). For now, please make sure that sent amounts are gross of fees and received amounts are net of fees for manually uploaded/edited transactions.

@Chandan should all fees go on the sent side, regardless of the currency? For instance, I have a transaction where I bought CND with BTC, but I paid the fee in BNB. Still put the fee on the sent side?

When the fees are in the sent currency, they should be on the sent side. When they are in the receive side, they should be on the receive side.

When they are in a third currency (e.g. BNB) you can put them on either side