Manual Transaction - Trans Fee not subtracting from balance

Hi, I am moving 1 ZEN from one wallet to another, so I am creating a manual transaction to account for that. The transaction fee is 0.00002260 ZEN. When I enter that into the fee spot, it appears as if that amount is not being deducted. So, I am sending 1.00002260 from one wallet, but only 1 ZEN arrives at the other wallet.

My balance is correct if I change the sent amount to 1.00002260 and the received amount as 1.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug.


Hi @Chet,

Please go ahead include the fee amount in the sent amount (sent amounts are gross of fees)

Hey @Chet, the info @Chandan shared is not entirely accurate. I’ve seen some fees successfully subtracted from the total, but other fees not. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason. So best to double check everything, and sucky as that is.

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Hi @david060383,

You’re correct that we still need to make this all uniform (which we will). For now, please make sure that sent amounts are gross of fees and received amounts are net of fees for manually uploaded/edited transactions.

@Chandan should all fees go on the sent side, regardless of the currency? For instance, I have a transaction where I bought CND with BTC, but I paid the fee in BNB. Still put the fee on the sent side?

When the fees are in the sent currency, they should be on the sent side. When they are in the receive side, they should be on the receive side.

When they are in a third currency (e.g. BNB) you can put them on either side

So im having problems with this atm,
and then I found this thread so replying in here:

I sent 3 tx from binance jersey (imported CSV) to (API feed).

My fee’s were 0.01 ETH each time.
Here is what I received in Binance…

As per @Chandan’s msg…

please make sure that sent amounts are gross of fees and received amounts are net of fees for manually uploaded/edited transactions.

My import had the “sent amount” that were GROSS (ie inc the fee)

Yet here is my CT Tx’s…

LINE 1 - TRANSFER, but the fee was not taken out the Rx side
LINE 3 - TRANSFER and the fee has been taken out the receiving amount.

I assume its somehow connected one 0.02 Tx with the 0.03 in binance, thus leaving the 0.03 Tx without a receiver (hence calling it a send).
And then its correctly matched the 8.6 EHT tx.

But please confirm for me, that I have imported correctly, and that my import was right to have the send amount gross of fees (ie inc the fee amount).

Thanks D

@LeadGr8 — do you mind dropping this in the contact us page?

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Just sent it in. Thanks

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Hey @Chandan where can i see the tickets I’ve submitted to get updates on them?
I know I’ve sent some in that I’m waiting on an answer for, but without searching all my community topics/comments etc looking for where you ask me to submit it, i cant see reference of them as i don’t get a confirmation email when I submit one. thanks.

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Hi @LeadGr8,

We are going to work on exposing issue history and we’ll let you know once that becomes available

Super. Thanks. For now I’ve found a way of seeing it. All good.

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Hey @Chandan any update on this issue with CSV import and Fee’s please?

Hi @LeadGr8,

We’ll circle back on the issue you raised. Thanks for your patience!

Sadly, it’s been over a year and this issue persists. Any suggestions other than to go through my dozens of transactions and add the fee into the amount fields?

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There are so many things that aren’t being fixed, it’s extremely frustrating. I have no doubt CT are snowed under being a startup in an early industry, but the amount of issues not being fixed is a real confidence and motivation killer.

This is partly my mistake but I hadn’t even thought about whether the sent and received amounts should be gross or net fees. I think, as there is a fee input, I presumed both send and receive should be net fees.

Then you look at a trade that’s been put in via API as an example of how to put things in and it turns out that with Binance there’s no fee anywhere. And to top it off, if you make the slightest change, such as matching two sides of a transfer up (one from coinbase api, other from an imported public address), it’ll set it to manual, so now I don’t even know which ones I manually put in and need to change etc.

Then there’s the fee being paid in a third currency like BNB. You can’t put the fee in gross either side because it’s in a different currency to either.

This could be a fantastic service but you need to make it all so, so much easier. But I appreciate that’s much harder than it sounds.

Only the Binance withdrawals fees aren’t inputting to clarify.

This appears to be a problem with at least some crypto address wallets too – actually, most or all of them, from what I can tell. Fees are not being subtracted from balances. I hope CoinTracker can provide some guidance on when and how they anticipate fixing this. As it stands, it’s a lot of manual work to go through all the transactions, adding the fees to to send amount.