March 2021 Highlights

Hey CoinTrackers,

February was a wild month with Bitcoin rocketing past $57k and currently sitting above $50k. We’ve also seen a recent surge in interest around Non-Fungible Tokens. With ongoing spiking interest in cryptocurrency, we’re continuing to see soaring support requests so we really appreciate your incredible patience as we continue scaling our support team (we’re actively hiring!). On to the latest updates from CoinTracker:

Feature roadmap
You can now make feature requests and upvote your favorite requests yourself via our feedback page. Also drop in to check the status of our upcoming roadmap and recently added features.

Real time pricing
In times of high volatility and trading, every minute counts. That’s why we have added updated pricing every three seconds on CoinTracker web for top coins (coming to mobile and more coins in the future!).

Multi-token transaction editing
As decentralized finance continues to grow, we have been expanding our DeFi support. The top 100 liquidity pool tokens on Uniswap are now fully supported and we are rapidly expanding this to more tokens on more platforms. We have also added the ability to edit the proceeds and cost basis of any side of multi-token transactions when CoinTracker doesn’t automatically pick up the price of a particular DeFi token:

Other news

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The CoinTracker Team

P.S. We’re hiring!