Marking a coin as dead?

I have some erc-20 altcoins that I bought a while ago that have since fully died (organization folded, no support, can’t trade anywhere). For the most part CoinTracker just isn’t showing these, which is great, but one in particular (PRL) is showing up as being worth $0.03 and so showing positive value in the assets list.

This is definitely not the case, the coin is dead and worth nothing, it even gets an “invalid coin” error when you try to click it or search it in prices.

Is there any way to mark this token as invalid or dead? I don’t want it showing up in my assets…thanks!

I just noticed that a feature to handle this might already be in the works per this thread: Hide junk coins

If that feature would indeed help me here, please ignore :slight_smile:

We’re tracking the mark as dead token feature and we’ll let you know once that is available.