Marking transactions as 'payment'

Hi there
i am in here: cointracker dot io/transactions tagging my NFT sales as ‘payments’ to generate my income tax sales figures. (I THINK this is what I have to do? I could not find much to help steer)

At present (as far as I can see) I am having to do this manually for every transaction (of which there are 100s, potentially thousands). This is horrible time sink for someone who has sold hundreds (or thousands) of NFTs. Am I missing a trick here?

If it does not exist then there really needs to be a batch command or an automatic script- this is a deal breaker for me using Cointracker and I will have to cancel and find another option if there is not a solution for this- the time involved in manual entry here is prohibitive.

Hope you can help,

Same issue but no reply here yet, my transactions are a total mess :frowning: