Matic/Polygon support (including DeFi)

Please add support for the Matic/Polygon network. It’s growing really fast these days due to Ethereum’s extortionate fees and DeFi’s massive popularity.

It’s also very likely that those using Polygon are into DeFi, so it’d also be good to support popular platforms like QuickSwap and AAVE.


I agree with this! Please add Polygon and DeFi support on Polygon. Need this.

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Yeah, I concur! You can also go to the feature request site :

And particularly Polygon (MATIC) Layer 2/main network | Integrations | CoinTracker you can vote there. I’m amazed that they don’t moderate this space to redirect people over there. I’m working for them for free, lol.

Hey ya’ll! Full Polygon support is definitely on our roadmap. I’m excited to announce that tracking Polygon (MATIC) addresses on CoinTracker is now live!

Delegation and staking transactions are not supported yet. For those you can mark them as Staking using the dropdown menu on the transaction and the system will account for these.

You can expect more progress on this in the near future! Thanks for raising this. :slight_smile:

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Hi Thomas,

I was able to successfully add my MATIC wallet. The problem is, even though the asset names are correct, cointracker is not recognizing them as a valid asset. Instead it puts a ? next to all of the assets and they don’t roll up to the dashboard for that reason. Can you please address?



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I second this! For example I have some Quickswap (QUICK) but it gets categorised as an asset with insignificant value because it has no value assigned to it and the icon for it is also just a white question mark in a blue circle.

What about all the transactions that don’t allow it to be marked as staking? What should we do with those.