May 2021 Highlights

Hey CoinTrackers,

This month has been a wild ride for cryptocurrency again as Ethereum hits an all time high of $3.9k. Meanwhile Janet Yellen (US Secretary of Treasury) warns of increased inflation and Balaji Srinivasan makes a prediction about the impacts of increased inflation. The US tax deadline looms around the corner on May 17, 2021 and we continue to see an unprecedented surge in support requests so we sincerely appreciate your ongoing patience as we work on expanding our team. Here’s the latest from CoinTracker:

Track staking rewards
We heard your feedback that you want to see Kraken staking supported so you’ll now see these rewards automatically synced to CoinTracker:

Support for crypto interest
You can now track, edit, filter, and search for cryptocurrency interest transactions across CoinTracker. You’ll see your cumulative crypto interest tagged from the transactions page summarized in the tax center:

Earn credit when you refer friends
For each friend you refer to CoinTracker that buys a tax plan, you’ll both get $10 CoinTracker credit.

Other updates

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The CoinTracker Team
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