Metamask (All other chains being added)

I have been using cointracker .io for 3 years now. I have emailed support so many times and never received a response in the last 3 months. I have a Metamask Wallet and when I go to connect I can only view ETH transactions. I have friends who have with the MM and they gave me print screens of showing all of the chains like Binance Chain, AVAX, Fantom, etc. being pulled from Metamask on Although when I add Metamask - ETH - only ETH transactions come in (not the other chains). I tried the Binance Smart Chain and it doesn’t work. Basicially all other chains with my address says: Wallets of this coin are not supported yet. Zen Ledger effortlessly pulled everything. Maybe I need to export my entire cointracker history and use Zen Ledger. I don’t want to - although I may have to. I also pay for the Premium service. Please help ASAP.