Metamask sync not working

Hi there,

I have tried to sync my Metamask wallet for the past few hours but it has stopped working. Everything has been fine for months. I have deleted the wallet, re-added the wallet and tried to sync multiple times but now it just won’t sync.

How can I get this to sync again?



Hi @mackie,

Could you please email the ETH address that is failing to add to feedback [at]

Thanks Chandon - have done that

Mine had also stopped - just saw Metamask transactions from yesterday appear so thanks for sorting this.

Appreciate this — looks like we are running into some new ETH syncing limits. We’ll work on scaling this and let you know as soon as it is resolved.

Hi @robr, @mackie,

Could you try pressing the “Sync Wallets” button on the wallets page or re-adding the wallet? It should work now.

Mine works.

Sorry @mackie for hijacking your thread if your problem is different to mine.

Thanks @Chandan seems to be working again!

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