Mismapping PBOM for Rocket Bunny

Hi there, yesterday it appears that CoinTracker suddenly started mistaking the Rocket Bunny token in my Metamask wallet for it’s binance smart chain counterpart, PBOM. The values are highly different and instead of $60 it is saying i have over 18 billion dollars in my portfolio. Because of this high balance apparently now I can’t see any of my other assets, so Cointracker is useless to me now. I’ve had Rocket Bunny in the wallet for weeks with no problem. I’ve went in and tried to edit the transaction to change it back to Rocket Bunny but I’ve had no luck.

Unfortunately I’m experiencing this as well recently. My wallet is reporting billions of dollars since I hold Rocket Bunny and CoinTracker appears to be mistaking it for PBOM. I also tried manually editing the transaction to change the currency to Rocket Bunny, but it later reverted to PBOM instead. As with OP, CoinTracker is basically useless for me at this point in time, as it’s hiding all my other assets that aren’t PBOM on the main dashboard.

As with OP, I held Rocket Bunny for a couple weeks without issues before this started happening. Someone probably needs to take a look at this if they aren’t already investigating it.

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It seems this got fixed today, thanks for adding your voice to the chorus! Tough morning for my portfolio though, lost about 20 billion dollars! :grinning:

Mine is still showing incorrectly. I wish the number was accurate but it is not. How can I fix it?

Yeah, mine was fixed yesterday, but today it went right back to confusing Rocket Bunny for PBOM. I’m sure I confused it even more by the fact that I am currently bridging the Bunny to PBOM. I just ended up deleting the defi wallet that holds it from cointracker. seems more trouble than it’s worth to try and sort out.

Seeing the same issue today. This makes the app completely unusable, please fix soon!

Just a heads up in case you guys haven’t seen this, someone reported this bug in a support ticket over at BUNNY | Bugs | CoinTracker. If you want it to be fixed, please head over there, make a comment, and upvote it, the more visibility it gets the more likely it is to be solved by the devs!

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