Missing API and imported coins from my account

Hi CoinTracker Support, I just noticed that four of my coins went missing from my account. They were there several weeks ago and I haven’t delete anything or add anything since Sept 15, but today I notice my Net Deposit had dropped?!?!? One of coin was added via an API wallet, while the other three were imported using a CVS file. The coins have not been sold or transferred from their original place, but on your site the coins have been dropped from my tracking. Did your server crash within the past two weeks that caused some data to be dropped? Any thoughts? I could re import these but I’m worried that data went missing. Should I be reviewing my other coins to make sure the amounts are correct!?!?!

Hi @archhern,

Did you see the email we sent you about this?

Hi Chandan,

No, I did not receive an email. Could you resend? I got this notification but not a direct email. Thank you for reaching out to me about this issue.

Best, Archie

Just re-sent, let us know if you have any questions