Missing coins in 'peformance' tab

I have come across multiple coins where I have a positive balance (as verified by searching for the coin in ‘Transactions’ which shows a buy, and no sell) but which does not appear at all in the ‘performance’ page.

It’s coins with low value- could it be that if cointracker does not know the coin’s value, it ignores it from the list?

Regardless- how can I see a complete list of all my assets in a single place, whether or not cointracker knows the value?

Hi @mcplums,

You can see a list of all assets with known value and non-dust balance on the dashboard. You can see every single asset, known or unknown, high value or zero value, on the performance page, total performance tab with an enthusiast or higher portfolio subscription.

Aah I see, I did not see the ‘total performance’ tab, thanks :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue! I have a verified transaction with a positive balance that I can clearly see in the wallet and the transactions pages but not in the dashboard or performance page. I re-synced the wallet to no avail.