Missing transactions, old transactions changed

I logged in to see some older transactions were altered or missing which ruined by Other Transactions category. I now have no idea where I might be missing something and my balance is wrong as well as everything else. Is there any reason this might have occured?

Hi @robdrenk,

Do you mind messaging us directly at feedback [at] cointracker.io with a screenshot of what changed and with debug permission enabled on your account?

Hi Chandan,

My dash board only shows ~$45K when my account balance is actually $193K.

Any chance you can help me understand why this is so?

Please let me know!


ITs too late, I already manually patched up what I could. I believe it has something to do with multiple coinbase pro portfolios, so I combined all secondary ones into an spreadsheet and imported manually, then stitched together the proper transactions. Now the only weird thing is the performance chart, but the taxes seem to check out.

Hi @robdrenk, @andrewmcinnes,

We sent out an email about this to potentially impacted users. We’ll circle back with you once we have more updates.

Please read my email sir please