Mixing Tax exempt account with taxable

Hello, I have a Roth IRA LLC holding crypto and I also have crypto being help by me as an individual. The Crypto in my Roth IRA LLC is tax exempt, but my personal crypto is not. Right now I am solely using cointracker with my personal crypto. I would like to be able to monitor my Roth IRA LLC crypto inside the platform, but I want to some how mark it as tax exempt so that at the end of the year I only pay taxes on my personal crypto, but can still take advantage of cointrackers portfolio viewing for all of my crypto. Is there a way to do this?

Hi @danbryan80,

Currently, you’d need to have a separate CoinTracker account for the tax-free Roth IRA so that you can ignore the tax implications in that account. We’ll look into adding Roth support so that you can track everything in one place in the future.

Thanks for the help! I just created a new account to monitor this separate until that feature come to be.

Is there a way to get a deal on an ‘Enthusiast’ account since I have pro on main, and am still under the 100 wallets.

Could you please message us privately with that request?

Just did via “Contact Us”


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