MNEB Scam Token Minereum BSC price (MNEB)

When I connected my TRUST wallet apparently there was a scam token airdrop for MNEB. I cannot remove it from my calculation or change anything to cancel it out. Is it possible to have this removed or at the very least have the value set to $0?

Same problem. This seems to be more an ETH problem than CT (I mean, why can’t I have authority over what stays in my own wallet?), but a workaround from CT would be nice. The best I can say is:

  1. Ignore the received/airdrop transaction. Not sure this is necessary. It won’t remove the balance showing in your wallet.
  2. Add a transaction to your “Other Transactions” wallet in CT, sending the same amount of tokens that were airdropped to you. This will zero out your overall balance of MNEB.
  3. Mark that transaction as lost/stolen so there are no tax consequences.

It’s not perfect. Each wallet will still show a positive and negative balance respectively. But at least your taxes are fine, and your whole portfolio value is correct.