Morpheus token swap caused balance to disappear

Last year, Morpheus network did a token swap from MRPH to MNW. You can see in the screenshot below that when I executed the swap, CoinTracker did not recognize the new token. It says that I received ‘MNW’ but it’s as if I just entered the text, without selecting MNW from the coin drop down list. When I tried to edit the transaction to select MNW from the drop down, it created a separate manual transaction with the correct MNW token, but it kept the old transaction with the false ‘MNW’ token. Ignoring the old transaction does nothing and there is still no MNW balance showing in the wallet.

Also, the old transactions (such as the uniswap tx on the bottom) list the token as MNW, when it was really MRPH at the time. There is no token named MRPH on the token list though. Not sure if that matters.

Thanks in advance for any advice. I have tried everything I can think of and am unable to arrive at the correct balance.

Hi again,

I wanted to revive this thread as I’m still encountering the same issue as described previously. To make things more clear, I deleted and then re-uploaded the wallet so that my manual transaction is no longer present. As you can see, CoinTracker is automatically (and correctly) detecting a contact execution, where I simply paid ETH to swap from the old version of Morpheus Network (previously MRPH) to the new (presently MNW).

Where CoinTracker is messing it up is that it fails to recognize the old token as MRPH, instead treating it as the new MNW token. It is recognizing that a swap occurred, so it has therefore correctly removed my balance of old token. Except in this case, it has not recognized the old token correctly, and is actually calling it MNW, which is the new token. It is now showing that I have “MNW” which is not the real Morpheus Network token, but rather a placeholder with 0 value attached.

How can I rectify this so that it shows my MNW balance correctly?
I have tried manually editing all of the pre-token swap transactions to instead show the old MRPH token, but there is no MRPH token available to select from the drop down. The only token listed is “MRPH/WETH” or the old Morpheus token wrapped Ether pool, which is not what I had in my wallet.

Please help, I am at a loss. Thank you.