Moved BTC & ETH to Gemini Earn — Gemini Balances Vanished

Hi Friends,

I hooked up Gemini via API to my portfolio and it was syncing over BTC and ETH transactions just fine … then Gemini unveiled the new “Earn” feature, so I transferred both the BTC and ETH out of my normal trading wallets and into the Earn wallets.

Unfortunately, now my Gemini wallet has a “zero” balance (it looks like Cointracker thinks I transferred the money outside of Gemini and it doesn’t recognize the two new wallets?)



Working on it!


I noticed the same issue with Gemini. Coins submitted to their new Earn feature are no longer shown in the Wallet.



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I had the same issue. CoinTracker is showing the transaction as “Sent to address Genesis Outbound Account” and records it as a gain for tax purposes.


I would like to up vote this feature request.


I would vote this too. Having Gemini Earn is very important for me to consider staying with or move to another tax site that can.


@Chandan, Is there a temporary manual workaround for this until Gemini updates their API with Gemini Earn data?

For example, with BlockFi users can import a CSV, removing any already imported data to avoid transaction overlaps, as you explained in Feedback > Integrations > BlockFi.

I attempted a manual workaround unsuccessfully by adding transactions to the Gemini Earn wallet.

See Manually Adjusting Exchange Wallet Balance Not Working | Bugs | CoinTracker

Gemini Earn is now supported. Thanks CoinTracker team!

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I see the Earn balance but not the transactions where the interest is added in my Gemini wallet transaction on this site. With 2021 tax year, will the income reflect correctly for Gemini Earn?