Multi swap support

On you can convert dust. So essentially the transactions is multiple small balances to swap for one other crypto In on transaction. So many to one transaction. It would be nice to see CSV import support for that.

Hi @kwigbo,

Do you have an example CSV export from the wallet showing these transactions that you can share with feedback [at]

Crypto.coms export is entirely inaccurate from what I have found. I am creating spread sheets manually. I attached an image of a simple example for what I thought would fit into your existing CSV import.

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Thanks for flagging; we’ll work on updating this @kwigbo. In the meantime, if you convert the CSV you can upload it directly (or feel free to send it to feedback [at] and we can help you reformat it).

Is this the same for Coinseed. It’s got like portfolio. And u can trade everything into one coin? Need help ASAP

Send us your transaction history CSV: