Need account unlocked

I’ve been locked out of my account for a long time now. I paid for the tax plan and am paying a monthly fee but I can’t get anyone from support to respond to me after submitting multiple. Does anyone know of an actual support phone number I can call? I’ve searched online and on the site and haven’t found one. Thanks for any help anyone can provide. I don’t like being charged for something that I can’t use and can’t even cancel because I can’t login.

Hey Larry! Please write in and make sure you’re using the correct selections for your issue from the Contact Us form. We prioritize account access issues.

In terms of being locked out, we don’t have a “lock out” mechanism at all. Is it possible you mean you’ve lost your two-factor authentication codes? If that’s the case, please include the details requested here to expedite the process in your email.

I filled out the 2 factor form first and uploaded the documentation weeks ago. I’ve been asked for that probably 3 times now. I just want to cancel my subscription since I can’t even use it and I would really like my money back for the tax plan that I purchased. The customer service has been really poor and I don’t trust a company that I can’t get a response from in a reasonable amount of time.