Need Help..Could not determine the value of this transaction

New to cointracker and today I sent some ETH to my metamask wallet. I then sent the ETH to Vesper (DeFi) which in turn put my ETH in a growth pool labeled as vETH. I synced the wallet to cointracker but on the transactions it says that it “could not determine the value of this transacation.” Could this be because Cointracker does not support vETH and Vesper yet? I am new to this so any help here would be appreciated as to how I can get this showing correctly.

Can anyone help with this? I have contacted support by email and tried on Reddit but I have received no help

Same problem here… need to resolve the issue to finish taxes. Any help out there?

I didnt get any help but I am now seeing this on my transactions as a Sell and tax event when it should be classified as a trade since I did not sell my ETH I just transferred it to another wallet. Can someone please assist with this?!