Need help with MEW restoration

I had my MEW on an iPhone which got lost. I purchased a new iPhone and downloaded the MEW app. I opened the app and entered my 24 word phrase from my original MEW. The MEW opened up but it now has a different public address than my original MEW and all of my ETH, alt coins and tokens are gone. I went to Etherscan and entered my original public address and it shows all of my ETH, alt coins, and tokens still there. How do I get them back into my new MEW. I thought that the whole purpose of having the 24 words was to make sure that you could fully restore you MEW?

Sorry to hear this :cry:

The 24-words should have recovered the wallets and private keys. Is it possible that any one of the words is off (even by a single letter or in the wrong order)? Unfortunately only MEW if anyone is going to be able to help here.

If you are unable to recover the funds, we can help you mark them as lost/stolen in CoinTracker from the transactions page.