Need to recalculate 2019 taxes, missed a few wallets

How can i recalculate my 2019 taxes, had to add few more transactions and wallets, but when redoing, the numbers on 8949 did not change?

The 8949 will only change if you had new disposals in the 2019 tax year because of the new wallets/transactions. It also take a few minutes for the totals to recalculate (you’ll see a yellow cost basis recomputation banner while this is occuring).

Did the new wallets/transactions have cryptocurrency disposals in 2019? If so, could you try downloading the 2019 tax report again?

thanks for the reply, no i think most were probably in 2018, what I added was my Ethereum public address, loss did show higher in general but was not reflected on my 8949 form.

When i recalculated the 8949 it was the same…i tried to add a few other wallets / pub addresses but your site does not support either the wallet or coin…


Hi @rc2343, it’s possible that the loss was higher for your 8949 for 2018 (while the 2019) was unaffected.

Which wallets/coins are you trying to add that aren’t supported yet?

I believe I was trying to import some transactions from my exodus wallet which has a few other coins other than btc and it said they were not supported.

e.g. 0x, BNB

Hi @rc2343,

You can add ZRX (or any ERC20 token) with your ETH wallet.

Same as above applies for BNB ERC-20 tokens. If you have the new BNB coins, you can add those manually or via CSV upload.

i have added my eth wallet from my ledger, but i guess i need to add the eth address from my exodus wallet? correct?

Yes (if it didn’t already come through via your Safe Report import)

disregard the last email, i guess i added it already so the 0x is there? correct?

ok cool i see it there now

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thanks for all your help, in a prior email you sent me info on how to import my transactions into the turbotax online version, how do you report the transactions for the turbotax home/business windows version, do i just attach the forms 8949, etc?

I assume you just attach the forms.



Hi @rc2343,

Instructions for the CD/Download version of TurboTax are also in the same article (toward the bottom). If you run into any issues just let us know.

ok thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

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