Negative ETH balance in Imported Wallet

I tried importing transactions from Robinhood to cointracker. I noticed three transactions have the message “This XXX sale results in a negative XXX balance in Imported Wallet - Robinhood”. I noticed that the Robinhood CSV file is fairly simple and has the below format.


The costbasis, proceeds and amount sold are clearly mentioned in the csv file. So why does cointracker complain about negative balance for 3 of the transactions? This is frustrating.

The issue I see with Cointracker is that it modifies the decimals of transaction amounts. For example I see in my case, the robinhood csv says I bought 0.5 ETH but cointracker imported transaction says 0.49135047 ETH bought. Also another transaction has been converted from 0.96 to 1.1xxxx. Could these differences be causing the negative balance?