NEO/GAS confustion

It appears CoinTracker’s read of the NEO blockchain is interpreting all transactions as GAS transactions vs differentiating NEO with NEO’s GAS token which is traded independently. The workaround is to edit the extra GAS transactions when you catch them.

Hi @cacortes,

Could you please send us the example via contact us?

Not much else to send to you, but I just sent this to “contact us”:

What I didn’t clarify was that the two ignored transactions pictured of 78 GAS from “Neon Desktop” to “Exodus NEO” were what CoinTracker read from the blockchain, but they are actually 78 NEO not 78 GAS (both are transacted on the same blockchain). You can see the 78 NEO transactions that are a result of me editing the GAS transactions. Make sense?

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Makes sense, thanks for sending to us via the contact us page.