Net Proceeds and Deposits Way High

I’m trying to coble together my 2021 from numerous exchanges and wallets. I believe I have all of my transactions however my net proceeds and net deposits are waaaaaay high. Like a couple hundred thousand high. I haven’t done more than 20k in cryptos this year. and haven’t really made more than I’d say 8k in profits. I will say that CoinTracker seems to be calculating my gains correctly if that makes sense. Example, Net deposits would be 220,000 and Net proceeds would be 228,000 so gains would be 8k. The 8k seems correct but the other two numbers are shocking.

Maybe I’m missing rooted transactions from further in the past I have no idea. What should I do. I’m thinking about hiring a professional and would feel better that way. Anybody have any reccomendations. I’ve also already paid CoinTracker $300 in hope of making all this simplier but it’s not adding up. It’s a mess…

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