Newbie question - negative balance

Hi all,

Apologies if this is a stupid question, but regarding the below - can I get some advice on what to do about this. Does it indicate a much bigger problem, or is it trivial? Either way, I’d appreciate a steer on this.


Anyone? Gosh, it’s really really hard to get support…

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Well, it means there isn’t a trail in the system on how you got that much btc to begin with so it is showing you sold more than you had. So, you would want to look at older transactions and figure out why the prior deposit of btc isn’t registering.

If it is all there, I wonder if it is some quirk with fees and stuff not being accounting for and pulling from the known balance when they happen… A couple of us have noticed that with ETH… and have mentioned it… but no replies on that either.

Thank you…I’ll probably just ignore this one being a smaller transaction, because I’ve added in all the exchanges and wallets I know of…z