Nexo CSV files not accurate


I have downloaded my CSV files from Nexo into Cointracker but for some reason i can see discrepancy in BTC I hold there.

IS there any reasonable explanation?

Do you add BTC if I used the credit line?

On my Nexo Account I only hold certain amount of BTC in the wallet and it shows on Cointracker that I hold double that amount, hence I am trying to reach for some help and explanation.

Would really appreciate if you could help, please.


Hi @ascryptotax,

Thanks for flagging this to us. Do you mind sharing a screenshot of what you are seeing on NEXO and the CSV from NEXO to We’d like to take a look and see what the discrepancy could be attributed to.

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Hi, I have just done it. Hope you can help, Anna.

Hi, I still see discrepancy between what I see on NEXO account and on Cointracker. Can you help, please?
I only have like $0.02 on NEXO and Cointracker for some reason does not reflect the true figures showing enormous amount of money that I do not have on NEXO at all.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi @annasaja,

Happy to help here. Please ping the support ticket that you have with us on support chat with permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account and we’ll follow up.

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Hi, I give you consent to take a look at my CoinTracker account. Thanks.

Thanks @annasaja. If you could please respond to your support ticket (if you haven’t done so already) with this line, we’ll take it from there.

My nexo import is also inaccurate. For example I own USDT(Tether) on nexo but that doesn’t show up at all in my cointracker account. One problems appears to me to be that when I convert crypto from one type to another on nexo the type I converted to does not appear on cointracker.

Please help :slight_smile: