Nexo CSV Import Failed

Recently Nexo changed the csv format. When I go to upload to cointracker it says that there aren’t any transaction lines.

So went ahead and made my own CSV in cointracker format with the txn info and it still gave me the same error message.

I since added the 4 txns manually, however I’m going to have over 300 txns from nexo this year and entering them manually will be a real time consumer.

Any ideas on what the problem is?


I can’t help but you are not alone. Everyone is complaining about this. Nexo’s fault but Cointracker should try to inform us what to do. Other crypto tax programs work with Nexo’s new format even though it’s missing a info…

Same here!
It was the first exchange that I was trying to add.
It’s really bad experience for a new user of your service.

I’m having the same issue. If I figure out a fix I will share with everyone. This is clearly due to Nexo changing their csv format as this was not an issue last year.

Despite the change, it’s laughable that a platform as well-known as Nexo would be unsupported by CoinTracker this close to Tax Day. They can’t have a developer spare a couple of hours to fix the conversion, yet they expect all of their customers to do this (and have the audacity to increase prices!). I want to like this company, I understand they have a hard job, but fix the basic issues already!

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Yeah. I feel like I complain a lot on here. But idk how else these issues get addressed. You would imagine cointracker would keep up to date on changes for any exchanges they say they support. Maybe a fix is in the works, hopefully before next tax season.

Looking over the new nexo format: most info is still the same, they added a few new columns but nothing that should have brought up an error. Pretty weird.