Nexo CSV Import Problems

I have downloaded my .csv from Nexo and tried to upload it to Cointracker but I always get an error message “Failed to parse CSV” I have gone through the process serveral times, but still get the same message. Nexo Support sent me to Cointracker Support. Can you please advise as to what the problem might be?

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Same thing happens with me I try many times to Upload the CSV FILES from and Moonpay to get my cryptotax reports 2020. I sent email with screenshots attached and told them here in *Chat also. so far they havent done nothing to fix this bug/error. I end up typing in all my transactions manually

Hey folks, thanks for your patience. Could you please try converting your CSV to CoinTracker’s format? If you run into issues, please send us the CSVs (if you haven’t already) and we’ll work on helping you get them in.

Try removing the internal transactions from the Nexo CSV. Also, You might need to modify the time to CTU

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I have tried everything at this point. How do I send you the .csv?

Hi Chandan,
Where can I send my Nexo CSV files for help with import? I am having trouble importing the internal exchange items from Nexo. I have about 20 transactions total I need help with.

Is Cointracker working on a direct integration with Nexo? If so, when does Cointracker expect to have this feature working? I need to get my Cointracker wallet updated to include my Nexo transactions, but I cannot get Cointracker to recognize and import the .csv file after multiple attempts to modify the .csv to Cointracker’s format!


I’m having the same problem with importing Nexo .csv to Cointracker. Can this be fixed soon?

I am still having issues with this as well. It’s really frustrating as I have emailed directly about this twice with no response. The internal Nexo exchange transactions do not show up in Cointracker at all, but my regular Nexo rewards do.

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Hi Chandan,
I have sent you my Nexo internal exchange CSV via the direct email to support. Any idea on when I should expect to hear back about help integrating that into my portfolio? Its really starting to hamper my ability to track costs.

It’s been a week since I wrote to Cointracker. No response so far :frowning:

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Did this ever get resolved? I’m getting an error when I load the Nexo transactions up into Cointracker. I’ve tried formatting the CSV file, but because Nexo ‘interest’ and loans are so different from an exchange, it won’t accept it. Can someone assist with this?

No. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been fixed and so far, it seems that team has no interest even to respond to this thread.