Term Deposit Interest line items are not being imported

I have a discrepancy between my BTC balance and CoinTracker BTC balance. The discrepancy is accounted for exactly by the Term Deposit Interest line items not being included in the import. I’ve included an attachment that illustrates this.

Easy fix, right? :wink:

Same is true for loyalty dividends, like the line below for example:

NXTOdix6srAR4,Dividend,NEXO,1.71346471,$3.0918476805069,approved / Loyalty Dividend,$0.00,2021-06-16 11:00:00

SAME and somehow deposits are NOT being recognized at ALL!

This is still a problem. Any ideas on when it will be fixed? Same applies to BlockFi, so I guess it’s a CSV import issue

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Yep, still doesn’t work. I’m so tired of CT not fixing simple problems like this. I’m looking elsewhere for crypto taxes for 2022.