NFT not recognized in Transactions / How to manually add NFT transaction

I have three NFT purchases and one NFT sell that are not showing up as NFTs in my transactions. My other dozen or so NFTs show up just fine. This may be due to the underlying contract as these are 2017 NFTs.

How do I manually add these as NFT transactions? There is no clear step by step guide on how to record NFT purchases in CoinTracker. I cannot just mark it as a “Trade” as it doesn’t recognize the “currency” of my NFT. Please share guidance on this.



Anyone have update on this?

It feels like cointracker jumped the gun on the NFT module. Way too many bugs, not enough support, lackluster response time.

I would like to know the answer to this also. I have a bunch of NFT tokens that I need to add manually. Trying to manually add the the transactions fails because it does not recognize the tokens. I even have some that were automatically imported with the same type of NFT, but it won’t let me manually add the ones that did not show up.

I’m having the exact same issue, did you happen to find a fix?

Not really. I ended up removing the wallets with the NFT transactions from CoinTracker altogether, then I manually added those transactions directly into TurboTax. Was tedious, but the best solution I could come up with in the end.