NFT Support for Cardano and the NAMI Wallet

NFT is blowing up for ADA and specifically for NAMI. I was finally able to get NAMi to import as a wallet in to however it does not recognize my purchase of an NFT or my sells of a NFT.

  1. how can I show a buy and sell?
  2. when will cointracker support ADA NFT’s especially now that bored ape founders are moving to the ADA network to get away from ETH Gas prices.

Example of a purchase of an NFT

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Any insight you can provide on how to connect NAMI wallet?

Add Wallet > Public Wallet > enter your “receive” address from NAMI > submit.

You need transactions in the wallet for it to add it.

Also “DO NOT TRUST” the calculations that cointracker does on this wallet. they are often wrong. will have to adjust manually.

I have tried with CCwallet and some others as well but cointracker just does not support ADA it seems.
Not really any good alternatives out there either. Also no support for CNFT’s.