NFT transaction incorrect (Alchemist Crucible)

Has anyone here minted a crucible on alchemist? After doing so, my wallet is showing an incorrect balance on CoinTracker.

The Crucible is a type of NFT which serves as a wallet, enabling assets contained within to subscribe to simultaneous reward/yield farming pools (as I understand it). In order to mint the crucible, I had to obtain $MIST-ETH LP tokens; after minting, these LP tokens go inside the crucible and can be subscribed to a rewards pool. Because the tokens are inside the Crucible, my CoinTracker account does not recognize that I am still the owner LP tokens. It was recorded as a loss on the transaction to mint the crucible. Also, the gas fee showed up twice (see screenshot below).

I tried ignoring the (-) LP token transaction, to no effect. I have also tried manually adding the LP tokens to the “received” side of the transaction, but that didn’t work either and I am at a loss.

If anyone has had a similar issue with other NFTs or LP tokens your insights would be much appreciated.