NiceHash API - import/sync - Flipped buy/sell transactions

Hello Community,
Hello Cointracker Team,

just noticed that your NiceHash API “may” has some trouble getting some of the trades and transactions right.

Some of the imported trades are reversed in the flow direction.
(Paid / Sent / Withdrawn → Bought / Received / Deposited)

When looking into the NiceHast History and reports of the transaction on NiceHash everything is right, but somehow after syncing the wallet (using the restAPI) one or another transaction gets flipped (a sell will be wrongly interpreted as buy) after the import.

This only occures on the NiceHash API.

For that reason I will get “review” alerts.
I (problably others too) have to manually change these flipped trades/transactions. Sadly there are lot in my case and I wounder if you guys can have a look into.

Would be very kind.

Thanks for your work and best regards
That GCat

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Hello Support,

I’m a new user and also experiencing this exact issue.

Same here !
It happens for exchanges / swap