NiceHash API - Missing transactions result in negative balance

It looks like the nicehash api integration is not working correctly. I setup my api key with appropriate read permissions and marked the wallet in cointracker as a ‘mining wallet’ only to find that the balance is reported as negative due to funds moving out of the wallet in Feb 2 (to my hardware wallet) without any prior mining transactions.

When I do an export of my daily transactions from nicehash however I have mining transactions going back as far as Jan 9th that do not look to have been imported. Tthere is approx 3.5 weeks of missing transactions that did not import that has resulted in this incorrectly calculated negative balance.

have nicehash open and manually check each tx from nicehash against the imported from api in cointracker for time being. i manually add all my nicehash rather than api

In my case I found the issue was the permissions on the key that I had generated. I had generated a readonly key with ‘wallet’ permissions thinking that had all the transaction and had not noticed that ‘mining’ transactions came under a different permission.

After I deleted my previous key and generated a new readonly key with mining transaction permissions cointracker updated correctly.

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